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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Message From The Jawas #2

Dear Readers,

Hey, we're back!

Did you ever grow up with the kid next to you stealing your haul after you'd done all that climbing and digging getting to the scraps of the best, most shiny droid spill you'd ever seen and claiming dibs on the sale? In front of your superior?  What's that?  Oh.  You can't relate to that story?  Sometimes we forget we Jawas are in the minority here.  You humans have that thing called school, eh?  Well, what if one of your classmates started copying off your paper and getting all the A's off'a your hand cramps and the best BSing skills you've had all year 'cause you had that late night with a Horror movie marathon that you couldn't miss even though your pack leader--I mean your mom, said you weren't allowed to watch 'cause you'd be up all night and wouldn't do so hot on that exam in the morning and here you are struggling with lazy over there peeking over your shoulder who winded up doing better than you did?

Yeah, our hostess kind of does that to us.  Only she's been writing down our fireside book club talks and posting them on this in tern et thing.  Frankly, we're appalled.  The good news is she's agreed to let us have more say!  I don't know how much this, "I'm just letting the world see how intelligent Jawas really are" excuse is going to fly, or for how long, but we're warming up to her new idea real nice.

For as much as we Jawas love to talk about books, we don't always agree with each other on what's good or what's bad.  That doesn't make it too easy to recommend books to other folks if we're coming at you from different angles.  I mean, that'd get kind of overwhelming, wouldn't it?  After each "review" you'll now see our hostess implementing her latest crazy plan.  Since there's five of us regulars dragging our feet around here, and we can't always come to a concession on what to recommend, we'll be taking votes.  Depending on how many of us would recommend a book for you kind folks to read will be the number of Jawas you'll see at the bottom of those "review" entries.

For example, all five of us recommend this message to you since we think it's one of the best things since hydrospanners.  And so:

How many Jawas recommend this book?

See?  It's not too hard.  Just remember, there's five of us, so take it with a grain of salt when one of us is the only one to recommend a book.  You gotta keep in mind we're all individuals and there's bound to be one mopey lug around here who doesn't agree with the rest of us sometimes and he'll be the odd man out recommending a book all by his lonesome.  But at least he's got a vote, you know?  We're all about fairness here.  And, there's always something for everyone to enjoy.

Look for this feature on the first book we read in the new year!

Keep On Reading,

The Jawas


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