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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekend Discussion

Show off your bookshelves!  I want photos of where you store your books and how.  Let me see those overstuffed shelves and piles teetering on the edge of your dresser, TV stand, kitchen counter, bathroom sink, or pool table.  Take photos of the floor next to your bed where you know you keep a pile of books "just in case" you want something to read before you nod off to sleep (or in case you wake up in the middle of the night).

Also, do you have a favorite place to put your books or does it all just go wherever there's room?

Here are photos of some of my book collection!  (And also where I make myself terribly vulnerable to you and reveal my nerdish pack-rat tendencies)

Note: those 3 bays are all double-shelved.  That is, if I were to remove the front row of books on each shelf, there'd be more behind.  From this angle, you can see I've stuffed books between any open space I can find.  I know the bottom pile on the floor is blocking the view of some of the lower shelf, but you can use your imagination. ;)

This is a photo taken directly to the left of the previous one.  Again, all double-shelved and no, those are not my only collection of Star Wars books!

Moving directly to the left again, to the last shelf on that wall are...more Star Wars books.  Again, double-shelved.  Above these are just DVDs, so you're not missing out on much.  I had to put these hardcovers on the bottom shelf because they only fit here and I didn't feel like readjusting every single shelf.

This is my desk.  There are some school textbooks in there, too (Mmm Norton Anthologies).  I think it's too late to apologize about all of the toys.  I used to work in a toy store (ha ha that's my lame excuse--as if I stopped buying them when I stopped working there) and went a little crazy with the Star Wars memorabilia.  If you're interested, that Death Star on the top shelf is a Transformer.  He turns into Darth Vader!

You can't really tell from this photo, but the very top shelf has some books that are double-shelved.  The Lego maquette box is covering everything behind it.

This is on the bottom right of the desk, where a computer tower is supposed to be.  Since I use a laptop, this space has been dedicated to more books, all textbooks.  The back pile goes all the way down to the bottom--the SF books are just stacked in front of it.

Last, but not least, the rest of my Star Wars books.  These are actually most of the first Star Wars books I collected and coincidentally, my first bookshelf!  The bottom shelf is mostly textbooks.

There you have it: my bookshelves.  Those aren't all of my books (or anywhere near all of my Star Wars collection).  I've run out of space and have some boxes filled with more, but photos of boxes would be a little boring.  Now, it's your turn.

Show me your bookshelves!

***Don't forget to vote in the new poll!  It's on the top left sidebar.  I completely forgot to mention it, but it's a doozy.  It's Epic Battle time and YOU get to decide who wins!  It will be up for another week. :)


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