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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Poll Results #3

The third JRT poll was lengthy and, not coincidentally, was left up longer than usual.  I like the poll to get as many votes as possible.  Having the poll up for a month or so will be the norm until the Jawas say otherwise.

After Amazon's recent behavior, I became curious where, if not Amazon, would readers purchase their Macmillan titles?  Which of their regular haunts would they be visiting?  Did pulling all Macmillan titles even affect some readers who don't even shop at Amazon?  My quest to discover where you readers go for books was the subject of this latest poll!

Since you were allowed to pick multiple answers, the results are based on where JRT readers shop the most overall (60 total votes--our highest number of participants yet!).

(I apologize, my layout margins cut off the right side of the poll, but if you click on it, it will take you to the full image)

For awhile it seemed Amazon wasn't doing as well as Borders, Barnes & Noble, or the local library, but eventually it was decided: the readers of JRT overwhelmingly shop at Amazon.com with an amazing 61% of the votes.  Second place goes to: the library!  45% of voters picked this option and I'm quite pleased those card-carrying privileges are being exercised with vigor.  Third place was a close battle.  Borders, for the a long time, had the lead, warring with Barnes & Noble for the coveted spot in the top three; independent bookstores made for excellent competitors, but in the end, with only a difference of one vote separating each, the 3rd-5th places goes as follows:

3rd: Barnes and Noble with 38% of votes
4th: Independent bookstores with 36% of votes
5th: Borders (including Waldenbooks/Borders Express stores) with 35% of votes

The rest were nowhere near as close.

I have to admit, readers: I am disappointed.  Only five votes for bartering with Jawas for books?  Tsk, tsk.  For shame, readers. For shame.

Judgement Jawa Judges You

To make it up to me (and because neither I, nor the Jawas--Judgement included--could ever stay mad at you for long), go ahead and vote in the new poll already up on the top left sidebar.  It's about the Nebula Awards and the first of a two-part series of polls which will both be up for about a month.  The second half will, of course, be about the Andre Norton Awards.  Since both award ceremonies will be in May, your votes will be tallied just in time to see if your predictions were correct!

Don't forget to vote and tell your friends about it. :)


Anonymous said...

The Jawas often take advantage of me in trades, so I can no longer engage in bartering with them...

Also, I went back through and was shocked to find that I don't really purchase much through Amazon. And I think that it'll become less and less in the future. :)

Erika said...

@TJ: They are rather tricky, those Jawas. More often than not, they'll find a way to keep all the books to themselves. Greedy buggers.

That's an interesting observation! I'm going to try making it habit to buy mass markets at my local bookstore since those are rarely discounted anywhere. It works well for all of the series I've started to stock up on. :)

Anonymous said...

The only thing I buy from Amazon ever are trade paperbacks or hardcovers, but more often than not, I'll just go price match it at my university book store now. And after buying 10 books through them, they average the cost of all and give you that for a credit on your next purchase. :)

All my mass markets I get from an independent book store, which I belong to the club in. After $150 of purchases, I'll get $7.50 credit. Hasn't happened yet...but the university bookstore/independent book store system is working for me so far.

In the end, what I'm saying is that they're are really good alternatives to Amazon, if one looks and one is lucky. The only thing I use Amazon for non-stop is the wishlist. :P

Erika said...

@TJ: I was pretty shocked when you told me the bookstore at school does that.. because I tortured myself browsing without buying since, "it's cheaper on Amazon" was my mantra. I wish I'd known they did that!

Amazon's always been a wish-list site for me. I'm becoming more conscientious where I shop, though. Unfortunately, our local bookstore is a B&N and I'm not going to pay $25 for their card. I'd rather go to the nearest Borders (the one here, where I worked, closed) and use my coupons to get books one or two at a time. It's actually kind of fun looking for different places to buy my books from! :)

Anonymous said...

One day, I'm going to do a statistical analysis of how many books I get from where, because I really don't know if I get more from PaperBackSwap, Borders, or my independent book store...

Oh, by the way, Seanan McGuire is going to be at Borderlands on March 9th!

Loni's Little Treasures said...

I admit I didn't end up voting in the poll- was planning on it, but never got around to it. One a day to day basis, I prefer getting books at Salvation Army and Goodwill, or the occasional garage sale- there's something about previously loved books that I just can't get enough of, and the price is right, too. I also like for sale bookshelfs at libraries, or library book sales (a year and a half ago, we bought 25 books for $3 at our local library because we happened to get there towards the end when it was $3 per box or bag full.) And, the area I used to live in would have a Penguin/Putnam booksale once a year- it was held in an old warehouse and they would do it for a couple of hours each night for a week and then all saturday. They'd restock with other titles after each day so it was worth going more than once. You need to bring something to carry them in too so you'd see people with tote bags and rolling suitcases- it was crazy! I couldn't make it this past November (moved half way across the country), but the year before, we spent a little over $80 on books. Which doesn't seem like much, but that was like 55 books. New Books. Overstock and whatnot. The pricing is as follows:

List price of $.99-9.99=$1
$10.00-14.99= $2
$30-40 OR 45= $5

I might not be exactly right on those rates, but thats the general idea. It's a bit of a madhouse, and you get a bit jostled around, but it's totally worth it if you're a stock up and read it later kind of person.

I got curious and added up the lowest list price on each book- my total was $647 and change. That makes me feel good about my book addiction :)

Erika said...

@Loni: That's very smart shopping! I like Library sales, too. My local library has a small store that sells donations received (all kind of books): $1 hardcovers; $50 cent paperbacks. I've found a few real gems there!

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