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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Message From The Jawas #3

Dear Readers,

Did you miss us?  Did you even know we existed?  Erika's kept us under lock and key, slaving away, reading all of these great books she gets in; the faster the better.  Don't even get us started on our food regime (we prefer to call it dietus lack...etus.  How that Latin* for you, eh?).


Erika would like us to retract the previous statement in lights of the blatant lies we've, apparently, deceived you with.  We thought it'd be more dramatic and sassy; she thought it was crass and rude.  Anyway.  She's sending us out from the back rooms and into the bright and piercing sun of daylight, blinking our sensitive eyes against the pain to give you this very important message:

Erika has a lot of books waiting to be read.  A lot.  We could give you a number, but we won't because she says that's bragging and it's impolite.  We also won't go into the definition of the word impolite, nor the word hypocrite.

We digress.

In order to make room for all of the fantastic and exciting Advance Reading Copies she has as well as the books she's been planning to read (gifts, self purchases) she's going to be changing her reading schedule to reflect her dedication to this blog.

ARCs will now be read a little closer to their publication dates.  This should please readers who are compelled to look for a great book and then realize they have to wait another month or two until it's released.

Other review copies (books received specifically for the intent to review) and new releases will have the next priority.

Everything else Erika has her eye on will have the lowest priority, but will be interspersed throughout Priorities 1 and 2 to feed something she calls instant gratification.  Really: you can say in that case, everything's become a priority, but we won't correct her on that.  Let's just keep it between you and us, OK?

Because she wants to continue giving quality reviews, there will probably be one review less each week.  Roughly, she's been churning out 3 or 4, depending on the week, but that will now most likely be 2 or 3.  Remember: she wants you to get quality over quantity.  There has been a bit of a backlog here and she's determined to relieve us of the pressure and work her way steadily into early blindness.  Don't worry--she loves every minute of it.

Happy Reading,

The Jawas

*We apologize to Latin, the language, and its admirers or anyone who actually speaks/writes/reads it well enough to be offended by our creative word play.

P.S. The ladies at The Book Smugglers asked Erika the following question over the weekend, "What do you think Steampunk is?"  Her answer is one of those featured on Steampunk Appreciation Week!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, jawas, letting us know! (Maybe you all need a union to keep Erika in line?)

Erika said...

@TJ: We like the way you think, TJ! Please ignore Erika in the background. She keeps muttering something about not "encouraging" us. The nerve of some humans, you know?

Padfootnprongs22 said...

I was happy to see your post on Book Smugglers!! Highlight of all those posts in my opinion!


Erika said...

@Padfootnprongs22: That's sweet of you, thank you! :) The Book Smugglers is a lovely blog. :)

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