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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Brief Explanation of Things & An Apology

I want to apologize to all of you JRT readers.  My life has suddenly gotten very busy in the past week.  To spare you the long details, here is what has been and will be taking priority over JRT:

1. I tutor adults in English; I'm currently helping my student become a US citizen; integrating history lessons with my duties as an ESL tutor is a bit difficult.

2.  My little cousin was accepted to my alma mater for fall admission- we took a walking tour of campus; she realized I knew as much as the tour guide when her information became an echo of mine. I've suddenly become a larger resource.

3.  WonderCon was this weekend! I went, I saw, I had another fun year. (Max Brooks, Peter S. Beagle, Steve Leialoha...I missed Michael Chabon who appeared unannounced on Saturday)

4.  I'm a bridesmaid in a cousin's fall wedding. It's time to choose dresses.

5. Pete (my SO) has applied to a position in San Jose (very close to where I am); this is exciting, but adding to my anxiety and increasingly scatter-brained-ness of the past few weeks.

What all this means is I have a lot to contend with in addition to reading (which I do quite naturally).  Unfortunately, writing reviews and tending to JRT has become a lower priority. I will promise to do as much as I can, when I can, especially with the Summer of Series reading challenge coming soon!  All I ask for is some patience and understanding.  Real life is, and should always be, my first priority.

If I appear absent-minded, disorganized, or if my comments are shorter than usual or strange in any way it's only because I have many things on my mind and am doing my best to sort through them.

Coming this week:

1. A review of Kindred by Octavia E. Butler (tonight, actually)

2. A sign-up sheet for the Summer of Series Reading Challenge (will be up immediately after this post)

3. A review of Feed (ARC) by Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire)

4. An extra-long Weekend Discussion post on the Hugo nominations.

Thank you and please know I haven't forgotten about you...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds busy indeed! And congrats to your cousin for her acceptance. :)

Looking forward to a lot of this, like I told you earlier. Looks like a good week!

Erika said...

@TJ: She's quite proud of herself and absolutely fell in love with the campus. I'm trying to convince her to go to Picnic Day in a couple of weeks... And, of course, I promised to buy her a hoodie in the school colors. ;)

It does look like a fun set-up posting-wise. I just have to remember to keep myself as organized as possible to stay on top of everything. :)

Lily Child said...

No need to apologize! Real life totally takes first priority! Sounds like you have many interesting things going on! :) Make sure to take some time for yourself as well! :D

Erika said...

@Lily Child: You're so sweet, thank you! :)

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