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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poll Results #4

I want to apologize in advance. Real life is keeping me busy this week and the weekend will be even busier.  There may or may not be a second review by Sunday (I'm currently reading Octavia Butler's Kindred).  That isn't because I won't have the book finished.  On the contrary, I plan on finishing it today!  Finding the time to write a review that isn't riddled with typos, excessive commas, or run-on sentences will be the problem.  I promise I will try to make it up to you next week.  There will be a Book Faeries Post and (hopefully) a Weekend Discussion, in addition to today's post on the fourth JRT poll results.  Speaking of which:

It's award season!  Voting for the Nebula award just ended on Tuesday, but JRT readers had an extra day to speculate and voice their opinion on the most recent poll featured here.

Thank you to everyone who voted. There was a great turn out this time, but as with all polls, the results must be analyzed...

When asked which book JRT readers thought would win the Nebula, I thought the answers might vary across the board.  I was surprised.  Frankly, one book had an overwhelming amount of support; another two didn't get any votes.  I felt a little weird voting myself.  Out of the 6 nominees, I've only read half and didn't feel comfortable picking one title  I had read over another I hadn't--it did not feel fair.  But I, like you, placed my vote.  My only conclusion could be either, like me, other people picked their choice based only on the nominees they'd read or some books weren't received as well as the others.

(Please excuse the small print on my poll results graphic)

With an overwhelming amount of votes (16 of 37), JRT readers think Cherie Priest's Boneshaker will win the Nebula!

Tied for second place is Paolo Bacigalupi's The Windup Girl and--bless your little hearts--the Jawa that comes and claims the prize for herself.  Seven of you have ingratiated yourselves into my outermost inner circle of Really Cool People on the Internet.  Makes you feel special, don't it?  The Jawas, they appreciate your vote.

Unfortunately, China Mi√©ville's The City & The City missed a three-way tie by one vote; Jeff VanderMeer's Finch received only one.  Here's to the underdog--I'll make the time to read your book soon.

And coming in last place (the real underdogs), with absolutely no votes (no votes! Unimaginable!) were Christopher Barzak's The Love We Share Without Knowing and Anne Gilman's Flesh and Fire.  Now, I really shouldn't say anything.  I'm just going to share with you, my dear readers, that I assumed maybe one or two of you would have read either one and perhaps, liked it best to win above all others.  Clearly, those of you that have read one--or both--didn't think either would win.  The lack of confidence is not terribly inspiring.

I don't know what it says when a fictional creature is imagined as winning over not one, but four books, but the readers of JRT have spoken.  I'm sure Judgment Jawa had nothing to do with that, right?

We won't know the real winner until May. In the meantime, take your fellow JRT readers' advice: read Boneshaker.  It was a good book.  Or pick one of the other titles you haven't read.  Expand your horizons.  And don't forget to look to the left for the latest poll:  Which book do you think will win the Andre Norton award?


Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping for Bacigalupi. I'm so emotionally invested in the author that it's not even funny. :P

Anonymous said...

The Barzak is excellent, but if it wins the Nebula, you all can knock me over with a feather. I hate to say it, but I think it's too subtle to win, and Barzak isn't yet a big name in the genre (not like that should matter). I can't remember who I voted for though...if Priest wins, I'll be happy, as I will be with a Bacigalupi win. :)

Rebecca @ DSB said...

Flesh and Fire is good, but so few people have read it. It didn't get half the buzz that was bestowed on Boneshaker, due to it's steampunk style and awesome cover. I agree with the poll - Boneshaker all the way - but I must say I enjoyed Flesh and Fire more than The Windup Girl.

Erika said...

@TJ: To be honest, I hope Bacigalupi wins as well. We won't find out until May, but I'll have my fingers crossed. :)

@calico-reaction: I was curious why Boneshaker received so many reviews. Do you think it's just a fan favorite?

@Rebecca: I am one of those people! Boneshaker did get a lot of attention. It's steampunk, it has zombies... Personally, I hope The Windup Girl wins. :)

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