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Jawas Read, Too has recently switched blogging platforms.

The new location is here: Jawas Read, Too

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Would You Like Me To Review Something?

I love to read and will happily accept most books to review from authors or publishers.  However, please read the following guidelines when considering JRT for reviews:

To begin: I do not read e-books or independently published titles.  This includes books not from large publishing houses or their imprints.  The reason for this is simple.  I would like readers to be able to walk into any brick-and-mortar store and find your book on the shelves.  Most often, independent titles are only available online.

As far as hard copies go:  I only consider books in the following genres:

 Literature, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, YA Fantasy, YA Science Fiction, Literary Criticism, and adult Star Wars titles.  I lean heavily on the Speculative Fiction side of things, with a healthy dose of literature.

I will consider most titles for review, but sometimes have to decline due to other obligations.  If I do receive books outside of my preferred genres, I may still read it for my own enjoyment, but will not blog or write a review about it.

To reiterate: I do not read e-books or independently published titles.

If you've read all this and still want me to review something, I'd love to hear from you!  But be wary: my reviews are honest; I do not guarantee a positive one.  Unless otherwise discussed, books will be read without a time constraint.  I give priority to ARCs, titles received specifically for review, and new releases (whether received for review or not).

JRT reviews will be posted on GoodReads.com, LiveJournal (various communities), and Amazon.com

Now do you still want to contact me?  Send me praise?  ARCs?  Free copies of books?  E-mail with any questions or requests to:  booksidhe at gmail dot com

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